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Flooring Trends for Interior Decoration

Posted in architecture,textures by dezignbuzz on August 5, 2008
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Many people think that if your house is small then there is no means by which, you can make it look great. Many people spend huge amount of money in calling up interior designers. However, every individual cannot afford this kind of arrangement to decorate their house and make it look beautiful. Thus; we need to get some basic ideas as how we can ourselves create modernized interior designs for our house. Although, there are many related subjects to it including home accessories, lightning, wall colors and furniture. The most basic thing for every interior space is its flooring. These days you will find lots of textures available. These elements combine to create a unique visual.

These days’ people try and follow a unique trend of varied floorings. If a house generally, has three rooms then usually, the flooring is different for every room. However; one needs to choose the best flooring material and especially, the ones which, suits your home décor. It has now become difficult to select from the wide variety available. There are choices to suit every budget and taste. Some of the most common and widely used floorings are:
•    Hardwood flooring
•    Ceramic tiles flooring
•    Vinyl flooring
•    Marble flooring
•    Laminates
•    Stone flooring.
These are some of the most modernized floorings that have become the hottest trends in the market today. Let’s discuss the beauty of your flooring options.

Hardwood Flooring:
Flooring is an inseparable part of your home décor. If you are already using the traditional marble floor, then now you can think to replace it by a modernized option. In this case hardwood flooring is the perfect choice. The majesty of your home décor comes alive with these kinds of modern floorings. However; this flooring is the ultimate choice of many interior designers as well. It provides you a sophisticated feel and simply matches up with the on going interior trends. This type of flooring radiates a sense of combination of both modern and traditional culture. They help you to bring nature to your home. Hardwood flooring is easily adaptable to every modern and traditional home décor. Moreover, its flexibility can never be doubted as it is the toughest flooring available. This flooring is the best for the person who laid stress on coordination with the interior decoration of your house.

Laminate Flooring:
This kind of flooring provides you one of the cheapest ways in which, you can set your house interior with a modernized look. You can simply brighten up your home and can enhance it by incorporating laminate flooring in your house. This kind of flooring is ideal for those who are searching for some cheap flooring options. Moreover, these are much robust and even needs less care than any other kind of floorings. You can manage with this style even if the house has a poor setting for wooden floors. They are even durable and can withstand moisture. The laminate flooring is available in many different patterns and designs. Moreover, it’s very easy to clean it. It provides many benefits and installation of this kind of flooring is a hassle free process. It is sold in the form of sheets, block, or squares. It is durable and resistant to scratches unlike hardwood flooring.

Ceramic tile Flooring:
If you want to add elegance to your home décor, ceramic tile flooring is one of the best options. Nothing can beat its beauty as this is available in many different colors and designs. This type adds great value to your home but, it might be a costly affair for some. Such floorings have a huge advantage as it will not stain, burn or fade. It adds a classy touch along with long lasting durability. Apart from all the above mentioned advantages, ceramic tiles have something very bad about it as this flooring cannot handle a large weight capacity. Furthermore, the installation of this kind of flooring is also a major concern.

Vinyl Flooring:
This flooring pattern is most commonly used in kitchen and bathrooms. However, if you are planning to install vinyl flooring in your house then you need to be aware as it is installed using adhesives. However, this flooring will be a complete failure if your flooring surface will be subjected to extremely cold temperatures. These tiles come in variety of colors and patterns and are the least expensive option for anyone to make use of. However, its life span is very limited. Moreover, before planning to install this flooring one needs to check the kind of surface on which, it has to be installed. There is a general rule for its installation, which is – the smoother the surface the better your success rate. Extreme care is required after it has been installed in your rooms. Above all, vinyl flooring has a very good advantage as it can be installed over already existing flooring. However, you still need to make sure that the surface is smooth. Once you are done with the existing flooring, it will smoothly stick onto your floor.

Marble Flooring:
This is one of the traditional flooring styles and adds that extra sheen to your home décor. However, this kind of flooring does not fit to every room and décor as bathrooms and kitchens are not the best places where it can be installed. Moreover, you can get it installed in your living room, but then again you have to make sure that no hard or heavy object should be thrown over it as the marble might get cracked. Its most important aspects are not the color or style, but rather its installation. Make sure that this flooring is being installed by the right person. The best part about this is that it is one of the long term investments in terms of floorings. These are very durable and long lasting as compared to any other flooring types.

In order to pick the right kind of flooring type for your home décor, a lot of research has to be done. A person’s finances and lifestyle are the two major considerations involved. However, if you have got the right kind of flooring then it can totally improvise your home décor.


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  1. mido said,

    Hardwood Flooring or Laminate Flooring ???
    i want a great floor and cheap also lol so i like stro,g and shiny without any kind of problemes.

    remarque: i live in TUNISIA where we have much poussier and dirty environnement you know .

    please give me the right advice

    thinks in advance

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